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Paula - Artist

I'm a painter, so I study at Emily Carr right now. When I was very young, I really enjoyed watching YouTube videos of people painting. I started following those people and just immediately, I fell in love with their artwork and I've been pursuing my passion for art ever since.

I've always been a creative person, so art really appealed to me. I know some people have an emotional feeling when they paint which I can one hundred percent sympathize with. I mean, the whole reason why I do art is because that's kind of my way of talking.

I don't really like talking much so it's just way easier for me to express my feelings and emotions through painting. I don't have a favourite painter, but I do look up to Frida Khalo. I mean, because I'm from Mexico, I've seen a lot of her paintings and she was very good at expressing her feelings. Like, I can feel her pain and messages through all of her paintings. So that's kind of what I want to do eventually too. I try to do very creative compositions with my art, but it's kind of hard to explain how I do so. I don't know. It's just whatever comes through my mind, I put it on a canvas. But I guess that's the cool thing about art. It’s very unique. I do realistic paintings and lately, I've been getting into surrealism, so it's kind of realism, but with a little bit of a twist. I take something realistic and add a bit of weirdness. But you see, it’s all about being unique.


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