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Nolan - Kerrisdale Bike Shop

I actually started working at West Point Cycles just three days ago. It's really cool; I came to what I considered to be one of the best bike shops in Vancouver and they were hiring, and I was excited to join. I've done a lot of things before this. I've done landscaping. I've done administrative work. I've done graphic design. I've done all sorts of retail. I've been a barista. I've done it all.

My favourite thing about Vancouver is gonna sound weird, but I like the weather. I really, really do love the rain. It kind of feels like a big, wet, cozy blanket. I know a wet blanket isn't a good thing. It's hard to explain, but it feels kind of sheltering.

My number one piece of advice to you is that you don't need a bachelor's degree unless you know specifically what you wanna do with it. Don't just get something for the sake of it. Yes, you end up educated by being able to talk to people in an elevated level of reading. Whatever else, that's fantastic. But if you know what you want to do, go after it. There should be an endpoint to your educational journey that is a career very specifically. Aside from that don’t be afraid to keep trying stuff. Don't be afraid. It's never too late to start something. I had a prof and a mentor when I was at SFU who didn't start his masters until his fifties, and he showed me you can just do that.

Additional Story:

So there’s this interesting story I have. There's a bus that goes from Braid Station into Port Quinland called the 159. Weird stuff happens on that bus, especially later at night. But the weirdest was definitely a guy who was standing in line for the bus and he was walking up and down the line and swearing in Spanish, yelling in Spanish, and everyone kept saying, “Sorry, we don't speak Spanish.”

And then he goes up to this one really big like buff guy with a shaved head and starts pointing at him, yelling in Spanish. The guy's like, leave me alone. Leave me alone. Leave me alone. He then loses his temper and punches him, knocks him right out. We're all about to call an ambulance, but the guy who punched him just said, “Thanks a lot. Now I have to take a cab.” Anyway, we're all about to call an ambulance for him when he wakes up and he says, “No ambulance.” We're like, “Oh, you speak English.” So you know, fine, get on the bus and I think nothing more of it.

And then I'm sitting towards the back of the bus and I see him getting on. He is bleeding from the head. He looks like hell. And I'm like, take my seat cuz there were no seats left. Then, I go to the front of the bus and I think that's the end of it. I can go home, have dinner, and go to bed. No. I hear from the back of the bus a bunch of yelling and swearing in Spanish. I'm like, oh, again man. Not again. And he's screaming and yelling and then someone says, “Hey, I don't speak Spanish.” And then the guy responds, “I don’t either. I just want some respect!” I've thought about that ever since.


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