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Michelle - Scarf Designer

I’m a scarf designer based here in Vancouver, Canada. I’m lucky that I can do something I’m passionate about. After completing my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration, I founded my own company called Misheo. It’s a wearable art brand that celebrates biodiversity by featuring my artwork of animals and plants. I’m most interested in illustrating local flora and fauna, along with rare at risk species, and a percentage of my net profits are donated to help wildlife in need.

Growing up, I was always interested in art, but I didn’t always want to be an artist until I was older. I realized I was skilled in that area and it became a more obvious choice when it was time to choose my path. I did struggle a little bit with my artistic identity when growing up. I would try different techniques and mediums, and sometimes, I would just grow out of them. But eventually, I found out that I really had a passion for animals and nature and I started including it in my work.

I actually came to Vancouver when I was quite young—when I was around five—and it felt like a really open environment here. I felt much closer to nature, and seeing the difference between Vancouver and other big cities and having pets throughout my life has made me more fond of animals in nature. So that’s why I focus on nature and animals in my artwork. I just feel like sometimes, animals don’t really have a voice. They can’t really tell you about their emotions, and I feel like it’s good for somebody to give a voice for the animals. I try to illustrate animals that I have a connection with, and I hope that when people see my work or wear my work, they can advocate for the animals as well.


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