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Keiran - Vancouver Maritime Museum

I’ve been working at the Vancouver Maritime Museum for about a year. I worked in kitchens before this, and I just wanted a change of pace. I wouldn't say I’m particularly interested in boats, but I've always enjoyed them. They’ve been fun to go on, and there are many of them in this museum. There’s a big boat that people are allowed to go into inside the museum. It’s stable and doesn’t float, but people can go around the ship and it’s set up to what it would’ve looked like in 1944. I think it’s really cool how you can go on the boat and see how people lived on it and what it was like to be on that ship during that period of time.

My least favourite thing about Vancouver is probably the city feel, especially in Downtown Vancouver. It’s really busy, hectic, and the traffic is really bad. I honestly don’t really like that kind of vibe. If I could move anywhere in the world, I think I would move to Newfoundland or somewhere on the East Coast of Canada. It’s more relaxed there and a bit colder.

I’ve been living in Kitsilano for about seven or eight years, but I’m originally from East Van. The community here is pretty good, and it’s nice. I was originally from East Vancouver though, and the community here is drastically different. The people and pretty much everything is different. But I don’t think Kitsilano is better or worse. It’s just unique.


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