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Kathryn - "Blue Dirt Girl"

I was a Social Worker for many years in East Vancouver doing community development with the Association of Neighbourhood Houses. Anyone from the community could come in and request support and the Neighbourhood House would find funds to create services. I loved the work but stopped for my mental health in my early 30’s.

I learned a lot about singing and guitar playing in the Catholic Church my family attended. Plus the fabulous choir at Marian High in Regina, Saskatchewan. I started formal guitar lessons at 12 and had an immediate affinity for the instrument. I spent a lot of time writing lyrics and composing music but played alone in my bedroom. I did not pursue music professionally throughout my University years. I was more of a shadow artist dating and supporting artists rather than playing/singing myself.

When I was 22 and had moved to Vancouver to attend UBC Social Work, I finally struck out and found other artists to work with professionally. Push3, an art pop band, had myself and Melanie Sereda on electric/acoustic cello releasing CD’s, touring and creating music for film, dance and live art shows for over 17 years.

In 2015, I started a new solo project with bassist Albert Klassen and drummer/percussionist Jason Overy called Blue Dirt Girl. My goal was to share my original music, affect people positively, bring like minded artists together, and give back to the community. My philosophy was to produce a mix of original music releases, live shows and videos, give back shows, and multidisciplinary productions. I also wanted to mentor young artists and support local artists with my merch creation. I produced give back shows for Aunt Leah’s place, Indian Residential School Survivors, a ticketed Chautauqua series, Cultch Theatre's Evening of Live Music and Words, and more.

We released our first album Crazy Beautiful (2016), multiple singles (2017-2020), EP (2021) and our latest album No Street Signs No Straight Lines (06.21.23). I hired a SFU University Coop Business student in 2020 to assist me with registering all my music for any possible income from sales and streaming. I’m very lucky to have Albert Klassen bassist, songwriter, and harmonies as my band mate; my brother Kent, a visual artist; my husband Greg, a photographer, videographer, and designer; my sons Reed and Cooper's creative input; and Kath Klassen, a videographer, wordsmith, and endless cheerleader supporting our Blue Dirt Girl music. Finally, our Friday morning Artists and Mothers group meetings have been immeasurably key to my art practice and life as a mother.

You can listen to Blue Dirt Girl’s modern soul music on your favourite streaming platform, subscribe to BDG YouTube channel, IG, FB & read all about my music history at I’m inspired by reading, nature, my children, life happenings and other peoples art.“because I said I would” is my “why” for creating Blue Dirt Girl and inspires me to continue creating and working with and for others.


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