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Jason - Film Producer

I’ve tried to create a life where I enjoy my work and not have to do like a nine-to-five. That's been my life goal. Even before Covid, I was already working remotely. A lot of my work is in producing—people would call me a producer. I make documentaries, films, and generally different types of projects.

Most of my projects mainly have to do with something that will help or serve society. So I did like documentaries that had to do with animal rights, and then I just directed and produced this documentary about a war refugee family. I think there are many marginalized voices that need to be heard, to be brought to the surface.

When you're a creative person, at least for me, I find that it’s almost like you can't do something that's not meaningful. Creative people tend to be very sensitive, and through that sensitivity, they want to express how they're feeling. And so, for me, that translated to doing only meaningful work.

I started off producing videos about economics. And, that was kind of interesting as I learned about all these economic theories. But at the end of the day, I started getting really depressed because while it was paying me, I didn’t find it interesting. Then, someone asked if I wanted to produce a documentary about animals and animal rights. I thought that sounded great. And then after that, I used the momentum and energy to keep doing more meaningful work.

Before being a producer, I was an animator, and I was doing all sorts of different things. I really wanted to be an artist. When I was a kid, I just wanted to make things. But once I became an animator, I realized that I was feeling lonely just sitting in front of the computer. And I realized that there's more to life than just making art. I didn't wanna sacrifice my life, and I wanted to talk to more people. So after a while, I transitioned into becoming a producer. Funny story: I actually dated a producer for documentaries, and I looked at her job and thought it sounded really fun. You get to talk to people, and you sometimes edit videos.

I was born in Prince Rupert, and I moved here and went to UBC. When I moved, I thought Vancouver was the big city—Prince Rupert had like 10,000 people at the time. We only had one high school. It's a really interesting place now that I look back on it. And I think it’s given me perspective: people are always like, "you look normal, but you're a little bit weird". They always tell me that. But I’ve come to see that as a strength, being able to view things from an outside perspective.

My parents were war refugees from Vietnam: my mom was from the North and my dad was from the South. So sometimes, I think that's a bizarre story too. In a way, I wouldn't be here without war. A lot of us wouldn't be here without war. But it's a weird feeling to be a direct result of war.

I also wanna say that the creative pursuit or journey is also not necessarily for the faint of heart. In some ways, it's like sometimes I envy engineers who just go to their jobs, clock in, clock out, and they’re done. Like, they don't have to think about it anymore. For arts, you're always thinking about new stuff. It's like a blessing and a curse. And it's not for the money either. So, you really have to have a purpose as to why you're doing things.


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