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Brian - Radio Show Host

For 10 years, I was involved in community radio. I did a spoken word entertainment show at CITR (101.9 FM) from 2012 to 2022, but I had to give that up during the pandemic as I didn’t feel like I could live up to my obligations as a community radio presenter because of the restrictions and stuff. I actually got into this role in 2012, when I was still a graduate student doing my second Master’s Degree full-time. It was the semester that I was finishing my last batch of classes, and towards the end of the semester, I realized I was going to have a little bit more time as I finished my thesis.

At this time, I saw the news that CBC Radio was going to cancel its drama program, and CBC Radio had been doing radio drama for 80 years to that point. It was one of the last radio drama programs that existed in the country, so Canada kind of ended up with a bit of a gap where nobody was doing radio drama for broadcast radio. To be fair, a lot of people did this stuff on the internet, like dramatic podcasts and stuff. But none of this existed on broadcast radio in Canada. So, I decided to write a proposal to the CITR station as they were looking for student programmers, and I was still a graduate student at the time.

And the station thought that it was a great idea. So then, I spent 10 years providing a mixture of online audio dramas—broadcasting the old radio dramas that were in the public domain and interviewing local artists who did stuff that was remotely spoken word centred.

I did a lot of interviews with local performers and local artists. I gave directors a chance to talk about their plays and authors a chance to talk about books because they sometimes do public readings. So anyone that did anything where you speak out loud or entertain people, I would give them a chance to get on the air if I could find them. And so, um, that's kind of what I did for 10 years because no one else was doing it.

But radio hosting is kinda like a hobby for me. I’m actually a teacher, and I’ve been a teacher for close to 24 years. In the beginning, I got into teaching because I wanted to be able to help people appreciate what I could appreciate about the educated world. I felt that education played a really important part in turning me into who I was.

And I felt that my education was an irreplaceable experience because I had some very good educators when I was growing up. Like my high school history and English teachers were very good people. And the professors I had doing my English degree were like top-notch. I wanted to be able to provide such a service to subsequent generations as well, especially because all the teachers I had were retiring.

I feel like it is a really important part of people's learning to be able to have an education that's going to allow them to get into this trek in their lives that they want to be upon. And, just as time has gone on, the longer that I’ve been a teacher, the more I feel that way. I feel that the educational system isn’t able to provide that anymore. I feel that it is still important for people to sort of learn how to be the person you want to be. That includes things like having an understanding of how to read and write, but it also includes having an understanding of how to engage with the world in a way that's going to get you where you want to go. I feel that that is lacking in the way that a lot of people are being educated in schools now.


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