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About Us

Created by Hugo Lam in 2022, Humans of VanCity is a high school student-led registered non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the diverse voices of Vancouver through interview stories and photos. Inspired by the success of Humans of New York, we aimed to emulate this initiative in Vancouver and promote the distinct voices of individuals in Vancouver. 


In a city of more than 650,000 people, we recognized that there are often many individual perspectives and stories we overlook in our busy lives. People are often stereotyped by the city they come from, yet, it is important to note that within a city, each individual is different. We set out to address this misconception by sharing some of the unique stories and perspectives of Vancouver residents, focusing on individual neighbourhoods to share the beauty of Vancouver through its people. We also aimed to promote diversity and inclusion in Vancouver as through these stories, we hope to help Vancouver residents better understand one another. We hope that through our website, you learn more about the individual stories in Vancouver and recognize that everyone has a distinct past.

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